How We Work

Choosing an editor

  • If you know you want to work with a particular editor, email that editor and ask for a quote. If your chosen editor is not available, he or she will ask you if you would like one of the other members of the Wordmasons to provide a quote instead.
  • If you are happy to work with any of the three editors, email us and we will match you with the editor who is the best fit and has the earliest availability.

Our rates (all in US dollars)

Each editor will provide a quote tailored to the individual project, but in general we follow the range of fees suggested by the Editorial Freelancers Association.

Before we give you a quote for any editing job, the editor will do a 10-minute sample edit and extrapolate that time into the entire project.

We offer six basic services: developmental editing, line editing, copy-editing, proofreading, mentoring and critique. If you’d like an editor to make two passes on the same manuscript, a discounted package price may be available.

Developmental editing

Developmental editing means we read the manuscript and write a 5-7 page letter that addresses macro issues about character, plot and structure and offers general suggestions for a revision.

EFA rates for developmental editing are 45-55$/hour. Hours needed will vary by project, but the typical range is 250-1,250 words per hour.

Line editing

The editor will go through the manuscript using Track Changes and comments in Microsoft Word, and comment on character, plot and structure issues as well as word choice, style, and grammar/punctuation.

EFA rates for line editing are: 40-60$/hour. Hours needed will vary by project, but the typical range is 250-1,500 words per hour.


Copyediting involves work on the manuscript line by line, again using Track Changes and comments, but only focusing on grammar, punctuation, and issues of clarity.

EFA rates for basic copy-editing are 30-40$/hour. Hours needed will vary by project, but the typical range is 1,250-2,500 words per hour.


Proofreading is typically the final pass on a manuscript: a read for errors of grammar, spelling and style.

EFA rates for proofreading are 30-35$/hour. Hours needed will vary by project, but the typical range is 2,250-3,500 words per hour.


We are published writers with years of experience, particularly in science fiction and fantasy and in non-fiction. We are happy to help you put together a list of agents, publishers or potential markets, or discuss the next steps for your career. Prices vary; ask for a quote.


A critique does not include any editorial services. Instead, your Wordmason will read your story and provide 1-2 pages of feedback on the story overall, focusing on narrative points like character, plot, and pace. A critique typically runs $20 per 10k words (minimum $40.)


(Please note that for Canadian clients only, Kate Heartfield must include HST on her invoices.)